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Best Alternatives of TeeSpring : Earn More Money with Websites Similar to Teespring

In this blog post i’m about to show you the best alternatives of TeeSpring and T-shirt selling and marketing websites that are similar to Teespring, Teespring is by far one of the easiest and safest ones to use. It’s one of the best of with some of the most robust tools, its kind of a leader in this industry. But if you do decide that you want to go somewhere else. So i want to give you some additional options and there are a couple of good ones out there.

teezily best alternative of teespring

So the other ones out there looks similar to Teespring is called Tee Zily thats It’s a really good one to check out another popular one is called Fabrily thats and fabrily is based in UK. So if shipping concerns are problem where you’re afraid that your UK customers may not want to pay the extra shipping charge. You could actually go to fabrily now know what most people are finding is that people are willing to pay the extra shipping out to get it shipped to Australia or the UK or wherever they’re located. These guys are actually based out of London and so if you are targeting a campaign in just the United Kingdom. It may be worth checking them out. But sad fabrily is now acquired by the TeeSpring, now you know Teespring is a pioneer of this industry but continue reading.

fabrily best alternative of teespring

There might be a good option for you and they have similar features to Teespring but their design editor isn’t near as good as TeeSpring’s and that’s why we really encourage that one but at least it gives you another option here.

tfund best alternative of teespring

Another option put out by CafePress is Tfund on and what I like about them is they actually have some really neat pre-done designs ‐ and they have a design editor similar to what Teespring has and Teespring seems to be one of the easier ones to work with. But they’re powered by CafePress, which is a huge company. You know it’s backed by a great company.

tfund best alternative of teespring 2

If you go over here to get started you actually can have some pre‐done design so I’m going to go here and choose “start your campaign” now so we’re to go right back here and we’re to go get started.

cafepress best alternative of teespring

Choose design ideas and let’s say that we want to do a design related to military and you know politics. So let’s go here and we know that lets say Veterans Day is coming up so we want to choose a pre‐done design and actually this one here, home of the free because of the brave. That one’s a sharp looking design and let’s say that we want to go with a made in the US T‐shirt so choose that product and let that load up there.

Okay so now we can actually choose our product color here and we could put that on like a white T‐shirt. That’s probably looking the best there and then you could you know, edit this design. If you wanted to if it allowed you to, which it does not, so we’re going to go to Next
step here and what you see here, this is the design here, so you can pick how many do you expect to sell. You could say let’s start with 20 for example and the problem is right here, so this is one of those where if you’re going to use one of their pre-made designs you may want to play around with it a little bit like if I just choose this design here for a different shirt that’s not made in the US and I go with a more generic design it’s going to pull up a little different pricing model for me so we could come over here and let’s just go to the next step here and notice now that different T shirt design actually dropped ‐ the price dramatically.

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So if we’re going to price this our minimum order’s now $7.80. So let’s say we just want to price the shirt here at $16.99 let’s say, so that means our profit, if we sell 50 of them is going to be $459. If we sell 10 of them our profit’s going to be $7.30 a piece and it goes up with the volume that you sell and so this is really good cause you can set like a lower campaign goal and what you’re going to do here, and then obviously if you sell more then you’re going to sell more and then they have a profit estimator so you could actually go in and say you know what am I going to sell based on ,you know, how many let’s say that we have a goal of 275 and your price is 16.99. It will ask he tell you you’re going to make $3082 and your price goes down dramatically the more you sell, kind of like Tee spring does .

So you just going to click on next and you could go in and give your campaign a title do a campaign video put in some phrases, and this tools is really cool. So you can play around with what kind of shirts and what design but I really like the way Cafe press does it because they actually have some really cool looking designs already ready to go and that you could start using.

So again We’ll go back here, there’s the military one, There’s the sports ones that you can modify, you could take these pre‐done designs and action modify them. So like, here’s one like soccer mom or here’s another one like that Seahawks football and you can go in and play around with these different designs so is one that you can definitely play around with and you know right. Here’s a really good one for basketball lovers. You know “I heart soccer”. That was a really cool design. If you had people that really like soccer “love with the soccer ball” being right there; “I believe in my cheerleader” ; “you wish you could play like a girl” ; “practice hard play strong love the game”.

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So there are some cool designs you could do for people that are, you know, really into different sports as well so Tee fund gives you the flexibility and it’s obvious with these fun though. You want to play around with which garment you choose because your profit margins are going to dictate heavily based on what garment you go with, kind of like with Teespring as well.

printaura best alternative of teespring

The next service that I want to tell you about is called print aura it’s a little bit different than some of the other ones. They offer what’s called direct to garment printing which means there’s no inventory required kind of like Tee Spring and there’s no minimum order though so they could run on just one T‐shirt. So what you actually do here, if you go here to how it works. They’ll do like actual drop shipping for you so you submit your orders and it will add your orders quickly and you can choose from over a hundred styles of shirts and your customers will actually to ship them out and they have a tool so you can have your own e‐commerce store using WooCommerce so you could turn your WordPress site into an e‐commerce store with your own design, selling your own designs on it.

printaura best alternative of teespring 2

So if we click on pricing up here, kind of wanted to demonstrate this for you to here’s a guild in men’s T‐shirt and let’s say we go with like this gray colored shirt your fulfillment cost with it printed up is going to be $16.75 so you decide what your profit is after that you’re going to determine this is what you know I’m going to you know charge for this particular shirt. I’m at a charge of $23.95.

Your profit margins here are nowhere near as profitable as you know they’re if you are going with Teespring or fabrily or Tee zily or Tee fund but it is something if you wanted to have an entire T‐shirt type store where it drop ships the shirts for you where they can actually print them up on a minimum run of one. You could check out so these are some other options for getting your T‐shirt sales on the internet.

I exposed you to some best alternatives of Teespring and competitive websites of teespring. You should know how each of them are useful for you and what they are offering to help in your difficult situation whether related to shipping/cost/unavailability etc. Hope this post helped you.


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