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20 Best Ways to Make Money Online from Home in 2017!

So you are looking for Ways to make money online? You are at the right place! Generally people on internet searching for freelancing jobs and making money online are prone to have less patience which leads to kills their interest and eventually they get nothing in their hand. So to be in the safer side, it is recommended to you to be more interest centric and have a hold of patience while learning and executing the process. There exist no easiest job to earn online keep in your mind.

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20 Best Ways to Make Money Online

Below are briefly explained best ways to make money online, you can start without any investment. Start from here:-

1. Make Money from Teespring.com

Make Money Online with Teespring

The most popular and trending way to make money online these days is though Teespring.com . Teespring is a website which provides platform to create T-shirts and apparel, customize and sell. Without any investment and with a free online account on teespring you can start a tshirt campaign. To create Teespring account Click Here. You just need a tshirt design so that you can put it on a tshirt then you need to share your tshirt design and bring sales on your created tshirt. On each sale you can get $20 to $40 and more tshirts you sell more money you make. One of our student made $26,424 from one tshirt campaign on teespring, you will be happy to see her Case Study How I Made $26K on Teespring?

To know more about Teespring click: How to Make Money from Teespring?

2. Make Money from Blogging

make money blogging

Blogging is the best way to make money online, people are making millions of dollars doing blogging since many decades. Blogging is an evergreen way to make money online. I’m often asked by people how to make money doing blogging or how to create a blog or how to start a blog and start earning from it. So briefly i’m writing few steps that are followed by most of the bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel etc who make living from blogging. In this you first need to register a domain name and buy a web hosting service to host your site, then:

  1. Create a beautiful website on niche of your interest.
  2. Start writing and publishing useful content regularly
  3. Market and share your blog and build your audience
  4. Monetize your blog and join ads revenue generation programs like adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored blog posts etc
  5. Repeat! And make living from blogging!

3. Make Money from Online Freelancing Jobs

online freelancing jobs

Many people on the internet searches for how to earn money as a  freelancer either online and offline. Below steps are useful for both online and offline. There are many freelancing jobs like writing, marketing, creative writing, proofreading, photo editing, web designing, website marketing, seo etc. You can easily make ($200 to $2000 per month).

  1. Decide your area/field of work (you are specialized in or want to be specialized in)
  2. Create your Brand/Name (Try to make your brand name for which your services will be popular or searched)
  3. Build your Portfolio showcasing your work.
  4. Develop Business Savvy Skills
  5. Set Up an Invoice System
  6. Get paying clients 

For online you can use freelancing websites/platforms like Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, Upwork.com etc.
For Freelancing doing writing signup:- eZineArticles , HubPages

4. Make Money from Online Survey or GPT Sites

earn money from online survey

With Online Surveys you can earn money or rewards by completing small surveys which can take to to 3 min to 15 min depending upon the Cost per Survey of the company. In an online survey you have to write information or details about you as best of your knowledge and start the survey where you required to answer and write honest information related to you and your daily habits, what you like what not, your purchasing behavior while buying online, your limit of spending money on products etc. And after completion the survey successfully you can redeem the money or reward associated to those surveys. You can make $1 to $25 on each survey completion depending upon the length of the survey, country where you belongs, age and your profile strength. Here are popular online survey websites or GPT Sites:-  SwagBucks , Toluna, SurveyMonkey etc.

5. Make Money from YouTube Channel and Youtube Videos

how to earn money from youtube

You watch youtube videos online but do you know the videos you watch on other people’s channel are monetized with adsense ads that means for every ad conversion the video uploader or youtube channel owner or youtubers gets paid by google adsense network. Who are youtubers? youtubers are nothing, you can also be a youtuber and start making money on youtube. You just need to create a youtube channel and time to time uploading high quality videos based on your interest of field/niche.

Brief steps to be followed:

  1. Setup and build a youtube channel
  2. Add content/ Upload videos
  3. Gain audience / Increase views and subscribers
  4. Monetize your videos
  5. Setup Google Adsense Account
  6. Monitor your Dashboard and Analytics
  7. Market your videos on other platforms like facebook, twitter etc.
  8. Become a Youtube partner

6. Make money from Affiliate Marketing / Referral programs

earn money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketers are people who earn huge money by promoting affiliate products online such marketing is called affiliate marketing. If you sell the products of affiliate sites they give you a percentage of commission on each product. Suppose you sell a mobile phone worth of 250$ suppose affiliate program is offering 19% commission on each sale then you will get 47.5$ and think if you get total of 100 sales on that product then you will get 4750$ as an affiliate revenue, so you can imagine how much money does exists in this industry. So to become an affiliate marketer first of all you need below things done:

  1. Create a Website or Blog
  2. Decide your Product or Service Niche
  3. Find Products and Services to Promote
  4. Affiliate Site Content
  5. Attract Targeted Traffic to your website or blog (ppc, email marketing, blog, advertising, seo etc)
  6. Social Media Marketing (Facebook Marketing, twitter marketing, pinterest marketing, Instagram marketing etc).

You can signup for Top Affiliate Marketing Programs or Website here:- ShareASale , Amazon Afiiliate Program, ClickBank.com, JvZoo etc.

7. Make Money from Mobile App Referral Program

make money from referral program

Just like affiliate marketing mobile apps referral programs are same where you promote mobile apps and promote them drive people from your website to download those apps and use them. More number of people download the app more money according to the rate on each download you get from your visitors. You can promote your referral link anywhere be it social media, push notifications, email marketing, blogs etc.

8. Make Money from Website Domain Name Trading

domain name trading

Website Domain name trading is one of the most profitable businesses which takes very less effort but a lot of intelligence once you gain experience on how to use this technique to earn huge profits. Once you become expert in this sky is the limit for your earning. So what is domain name trading? Its Buying and Selling of website domain names, there are many factors affecting the price of selling a domain name like domain age, domain authority, length of domain name, rememberability factor, popularity of domain name, demand in the market, scope of domain name etc , if all these factors are high or even one of the factor exist in your domain name then you can sell your domain name for very high rate. Where to trade your domain name? You can trade your domain name at flippa.com, godaddy auctions etc. Although this business is associated with investment so only experienced people try it at huge level with required smartness but you can start it at small level too and can earn profits starting from $100. Think if you own a domain name like domain.com and there are many top notch company which are dying to acquire this domain name from you and ready to pay you any amount to you, think how much money you can make similarly.

9. Make Money from Website Flipping

website flipping

Website flipping is the art of buying, improving and selling websites. Here you not only sells a domain name but sell full built up running website or business in exchange of money. This includes all sort of business website which can be adopted and are credible enough to be used by the second buyer of it. People some time gets agree upon to pay any asked amount, which can make you very rich at no time. You can go to Flippa.

10. Make money from Event Blogging

event niche blogging

Event Niche Blogging are based on event based niche blogs or website. These websites are registered and created just before few weeks of any event to occur. Events for example- Christmas, New year, Fifa world cup, ICC world cup etc are the events that are searched the most online when such events occurs in reality, people searches for info related to these events, so to get most profit out of this event bloggers create website and monetize their website with google adsense ads so when event actually comes their websites starts getting ranked on search engines like google and start getting huge traffic from it they parallelly gets huge ads conversion and till the event ends the site owner ends up with millions of dollars through adsense ads conversion money. Example of event niche websites of our students are “happyvalentinesday2016.com” “happyfriendshipday2016.com” etc.

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11. Make Money from Selling Photos Online

earn money selling photo and images online

Yes you heard it right, earning money by selling photos taken by you. You can take high quality images or photos using your camera devices, either digital cameras, smartphones cameras, dslr etc. There are several categories under which you can categorize your photos such as nature, animals, indoors, sports many more. There are several websites on the internet where you can sell your photos ShutterStock , Fotolia , iStockPhoto , PhotoBucket are such websites where you can sell your photos for good price. You just have to signup and list or upload your photos under a category under which the photo lies then set the price of your photo accordingly and your photo will start getting buyers and they will purchase your photo and you can sell your photo multiple times, until you sell the copyrights of your photo.

12. Make money from PLR Products

how to earn money from plr products

PLR stands for Public Label Rights Product. These are products which are not copyrighted and could be resell by anyone, its different from affiliate marketing where you sell other people’s product and get a percentage of commission from them. But in PLR you get full money in your pocket after selling your plr product. Making money by selling PLR Products is one of the solid way to make money online. We give this method in our list place of 11 because it is a bit complicated for you, specially if you are new in online marketing and selling, it is a gradual process to sell plr products and can take time to the revenue generation from this method, generally people who have good understanding of web, website creation, product listing, online selling, payment gateways (paypal etc), Web hosting, Web designing, Product marketing etc can make money from PLR Products. Sky is the limit if we talk about revenue generation through this money making method. I have seen people making millions of dollar from this single method. To get start with PLR products you can check this site Click Here and check all the plr products listed and you can buy any of them which suits you and then start selling it.

13. Make Money from CPA Marketing

earn money from cpa marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action formerly known as Pay Per Action or Cost Per Conversion or CPA Affiliate Program Network are internet related term. It is an online revenue generation program or website monetization program for your website where an advertiser pays to the publisher when the publisher gets successful completion of a certain action provided such as completion of a online Survey, Voting, Choices Filling, form filling, signup for trials, making a purchase, Selection on favourite or vice versa etc. A CPA Marketer’s should have a website where they can integrate the CPA html source codes or links of their CPA Account and verify their account and start showing CPA Ads on their websites. You can Choose some CPA Affiliate Programs Networks here:- ClickBank, Click Booth, Never Blue, Peer Fly etc.

14. Make Money from Ecommerce Store

earn money from ecommerce store

Ecommerce Business is the bang for the buck method of making money online. A person who is starting an online business have a view of selling some of the awesome products that can get good number of sales. Ecommerce is all about taking right actions at right time. Creating ecommerce business or ecommerce website is a step by step and lengthy process where exists several processes contributing towards building of an online business such as inventory, functional website, payment gateways and modes, management information system, product delivery chain, feedback and customer care service etc. Famous ecommerce websites are Amazon.com, Flipkart.com etc. But you can create your own small ecommerce website too, for small ecommerce business there are many solutions these days. CMS (Content management systems) such as WordPress (Woocommerce) and Shopify are providing platform to create stores for your ecommerce business with a very affordable cost. There are also many services available for inventory, fulfillment and delivery of products.

15. Make Money from Online Stock Trading

earn money from online stock trading

You may have heard the quote “money makes the money more“. Following the same, investing your money in stock market can be a great way to have your money to make more money. As in today’s economic climate money resting in bank accounts and long term bank currency notes does not offer significant returns. Stock trading is associated with significant risks if not done in very high efficient manner keeping the knowledge about the current market situations. Therefore with the considerable research and investment to the right companies at right time, stock trading can be very profitable. Always keep three W’s (WWW) in your mind which are Why, What and When. first “W” stands for Why to invest, second “W” stands for Where to invest, third “W” stands for When to invest.

First W: Why? so why you want to invest? if you are investing in company’s equity stocks, what you are exactly doing? You invest in the company for the growth of that company to become an investor, in general if you ask someone from the society what’s the best way to increase the returns on investments they will tell to invest in real estates or buying land, but i would tell stock market because if you invest in land or real estate’s it takes very huge capital investment but in stock market you can start trading in very minimum amount, so that’s why everyone should invest in stock market.

Second W: Where? so where to invest money? Which stocks to buy? There are many vehicles where you can invest, yes i’m calling it vehicle such as Equity, Futures, Index futures, Commodity, Options and Forex trading, now all these names that i’m telling what are these exactly? these all are vehicles where you can invest i’m not going in details in this article about how to invest in these vehicles and what happens with them but remember if you invest stock prices of $1 in equity then you can buy a stock of $1, talking about futures you get 5X of leverage in stocks because here you get leverage, in index futures you get 10X of leverage in stocks, where in commodity you get 20X of leverage in stocks, in Options you get 50X of leverage in stocks and in Forex you get 400X of leverage in stocks. So from all these vehicles it depends upon you, your dedication and temperament that in which vehicle you will invest. You also need to understand your risk factor is increasing where your leverage is increasing. If you are looking to invest for 2 to 5 years then you should invest in equity. If you can dedicate your daily time for trading and investing in stock then you should go with options which is also called intraday trading, if you are a new start/newbie and want to go with forex trading then i would not suggest you to go with forex because the leverage rate is very high along with high risk of losing the investment, after gaining good experience in this market you can start with forex trading.

Leverage = Investing with borrowed money as the way to amplify potential gains

Third W: When? Does there exists right time for the investors to invest money to huge profits as return? umm yes such time does exists. Time such as the time before the replacement of government, election times ,the time before the announcement of government budget, Situation of war in a country, Creation of a new country or creation of new state ( eg. Brexit ).

Steps Getting started :

  1. Research Current Trends
  2. Select a Trading Website
  3. Create Account on one or more Trading Websites
  4. Practice Trading before putting your real money
  5. Choose reliable stocks
  6. Buy your first stocks
  7. Invest mostly in mid-cap and large-cap companies
  8. Monitor the markets daily
  9. Consider investing in mutual funds

What you need to get started: A Demat Account, Trading Account and a Saving Account of any bank.

Best online trading websites : etoro.com , Plus500.com, Forex.com etc.

16. Make Money from Searching the Web

earn money from searching the web

Are you interested in earning cash online for doing what you are already doing? Here “doing” refers to surfing internet! Yes you heard it right! You, me and everyone is on web these day whether for searching any info online, purchasing products online, online payments etc, web is used uninterruptedly. This is one of the easiest way to make money online by just surfing the web or internet at your end. This is all because of the Qmee.com, who took initiative to innovate a system which rewards the user for searching in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How Qmee.com works: Go to Qmee.com signup and create an account. You need to install an Add-on or extension on your any web browser that you use and integrated your account with the extension, that’s. Now when you begin any search on web you will be served with some sponsored results other side of the normal search results. Each of the Qmee sponsored results has rewards attached, if it interests you then you can click on it and collect your rewards. Qmee has no limits on minimum withdrawals, so you can withdraw any amount whether it is too low. Either you can withdraw your money to your Paypal account from Qmee or you have an option to donate your whole amount to the charity.
Although the services of Qmee is limited to only USA and UK, that’s why we placed this method in 16th place.

17. Make Money from “Write and Publish eBook on Kindle

earn money selling ebook on amazon kindle store

If you are good at writer and writes creative content on any niche/topic of your interest very efficiently then take your passion little more further towards researching and converting your written content into an ebook. Ebook is just a digital format of a document which can be easily viewed on almost any digital device such as ipad,laptop,pc,smartphones etc. With the Amazon Kindle Store anyone can publish an ebook and make money from it. On Kindle direct publishing store you can upload your ebook and set the amount of your ebook and start selling, its that simple. Kindle store has global reach on its ebooks so one can get ample amount of sales from there.

You can price your ebook from $1.50 upto $25 may be even more but keep your price under justified limit if not so then you may not get any sale on your ebook. On each sale you will receive 70% royalty on your ebook sale. amazon will notify you about daily sales and the funds transfer to your bank you will receive emails and sms notifications from them time to time that’s the fantastic service, so remain tension free.

The key to success with your ebook is to deliver value and writing non fiction. It could be any thing which people are seeking now a days eg. how to loose weight!, how to stay health, tips on dieting etc. and consolidating your researched data in a proper language which is digestible read at the same time by your buyers. Another advice for you in this regard to have a great and awesome ebook cover design so that it stands out and beats others who’s writing in the same niche. And once you get your ebook published in the kindle store its very essential to get some reviews so that it shows up higher in the searches, also encourage people to leave an honest review at the end of your ebook. The best part about this income method is that it takes the investment of one time effort on creating a piece of ebook which finally leads to earn a passive income for years! Further more you can check How to create an eBook for Kindle store!

18. Make Money from Selling Study Notes

earn money selling study notes

If its okay with you to share your study notes with other student in exchange of some cash, its a great way to generate little extra money. There are some awesome sites that are providing the facility to you to upload your course notes after a small signup on their website and start selling it online. Every time a student downloads your notes you are paid with designated amount each and every time.

Websites like: NoteSaleStuvia.com , NoteUtopia , NotesGen , NexusNotes etc. All these sites are free to list your notes but they take their cut after you get a sale hence this way they manage marketing of your notes and management of their websites so that you don’t need to go out to promote your notes by yourself. Keep few points under consideration, keep your notes in PDF (portable document file) format if not then create one. You can also upload photos of notes but i would suggest to type those notes under pdf if you want to see some good results.

19. Make Money from Selling Products on Ebay and OLX

earn money from selling products on ebay

When its about getting rid of your junks then eBay and OLX are the best place to sell your things and new products as well.

Steps to keep in mind before getting started selling eBay:

  1. Think before you sell
  2. Build your Profile before start selling
  3. Understand the cost and expenditure to be an eBay seller
  4. Start bidding low to catch bargaining hunters
  5. Capture and use good quality of images on product profiles
  6. Timing is everything
  7. Give more time to create ebay product descriptions and make it look decent
  8. Create Paypal account to receive money from ebay
  9. Market your product and get sales on them
  10. Record proof of product postage and delivery

For better knowledge on selling on eBay Buy: ebook: eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies

20. Make Money from Network Marketing

earn money from network marketing

Popularly known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) the Network Marketing. MLM marketing or network marketing is a business model though which one can generate ongoing income in two ways : by making commission selling products and by acquiring new members under your network who sell your product further to other new members. After acquiring enough members under your network you are ready to relax and further you just need to work as a team leader and your role will be to motivating and teaching your team to move ahead with confidence. Its not an over night rich making scheme, MLM is based on marketing and after emergence of facebook, twitter & instagram etc it has become very ease to do marketing on getting huge sales and members.

There are two type of MLM platforms: One is Online platform and other one is Offline platform. We are not recommending any MLM websites here but you can search on web, and only select those websites which appear to be legitimate and also check online reviews about those websites before getting started because MLM sites always asks for small initial investment for getting started.

Must read this eBook: How to become a Network Marketing RockStar

These are the 20 best ways to make money online in 2017 according to me, my focus was only the important methods throughout this whole article which saves your time at the same time consists of a lot of scope with real time results with the people who are already doing it and making good fortune. Best of luck to those who have successfully read this article to the end, we have a gift for you, click Free Download Tee Income Profit System eBook!


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