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Case Study – How I made $26,424 with Facebook Ads on Teespring

I want to give you behind the scene look of my performing Facebook ads in this post of Tee Income, this is to a product that i’m running, its a t-shirt called “Good Bad Hot Mess” and this as you will see in my lifetime analytics and Facebook Ads which will come later in this post, i began this campaign on february 3rd and it is ended successfully on 27th April but in this post i’m describing it as a running campaign because i wanted to give you good overview of this campaign so in this post you will know about my highest performing ad, how much post engagement i have got on that ad and reach and the cost per engagement as 4 cents it is post page engagement (PPE), how much i spent over the lifetime, how much checkout cost me $3.18 on 318 total checkouts just on this one ad set and i still have three running of this campaign.

Good, Bad, Hot Mess Tee! Teespring

Have you started using the Facebook Conversion Pixel ?

Today I have chosen to uncover a little contextual investigation I directed to demonstrate that anybody can profit with Facebook advertisements, with almost no experience and insignificant forthright expenses. I will recommend you to read this full post to get most out of it, its going to help you a lot towards making profit.

In a little over month I made this profit, with good experience and low upfront costs. This case study and the resources I provide will allow you to take this method and you too can make over $26K in a month or two.


Lets Get Started

As with every article in Tee Income, lets jump right into the good stuff.

The website that I used to make my profit is

Those who are new to TeeSpring let me describe about it for you:

What is TeeSpring ?

Tee income teespring blog is a website/platform which allows you to create, customize and sell apparels by creating “campaigns” after signing up and creating your own Teespring “account” with zero upfront cost & with no risk. Teespring is Basically a crowdfunding solution for shirt designs so what you do is you create a design using very simple tools and you absolutely do not need to be a designer by any means in order to make this work. You just need to have the creativity to come up with an idea. It’s one of the best way to design and sell custom apparels designed & sold by users and the remaining back end things like sales, invoices, shipment and billings are controlled and handled by them. Even they have their own printing shops and clothing shops that means they are giving you an opportunity to do a little job just to create a cool t-shirt design and bring sales on it and the day when your Teespring campaign ends you will payoff with your outstanding profit.

Later i will tell you in this case study, how you can make your teespring campaign successful like me.

First see the results from my campaign of my dashboard (This is the Fresh one!)

Teespring Campaign Analystics by Tee Income

Start Here :

Setting Up and Launching a Campaign

To Start a new TeeSpring campaign it is very easily and it is really just a few clicks and you are all set. You can go to How it works?  of Teespring and step by step will know everything, if you are like me to dig it right away.

When you click “launch campaign” you will be landed to a different console where you can manage everything related to that campaign such as Title, design of tshirt, description, goal, price and other settings.

“Don’t Forget Creating” T-Shirt Design

The design and niche of your t-shirt holds the importance and if its not good you will not get any sales on it. So before creating any design i would recommend you to do market research. After doing the market research you can proceed towards creating your design. Designing of a Tshirt is not a big deal. If you feel uncomfortable to create your t-shirt design then you can request someone to do that job you can hire someone to do this job as there are several freelancing website which provides online outsourcing like,, etc which will not cost more than $5 for a single job. If you feel legitimate you can do it by yourself, Teespring provides its designer tool under “Campaign settings” using which you can customize your t-shirt using all useful tools from your Teespring Dashboard. You can also create a decent design using “Photoshop” but make sure you know how to use photoshop first.

good bad hot mess design

My advice for you is to keep your design simple. You may find great designs below that i used formerly think you can do something similar or better. But please don’t Copy the same it, because its just for demonstration. Before start working on any design keep in your mind about how you will build your audience for that particular niche.

What Niche’s to Select :

• Select niche’s containing people that are VERY passionate
• People who are proud to show off their profession. Example: nurses, firemen
• People who would defend their passion. Example: NFL sports fans, dog owners
• Make sure people actually buy shirts in the niche

It is just to give you an idea before going for niche research to get more sales on your teespring campaign. You can visit site like and for ideas about t-shirts.


Setting your Goal and Target :

Under this tab you can set your goal or number of shirts that you are planning to sell via your campaign, more shirts you sell more profit you get.

For Example:

good bad hot mess goal and price

As you can see in my successful campaign of good bad hot mess

  • I used the Women’s Premium Tee style and made available in 6 colors (Black, Navy Blue, Red, Purple, Indigo and Dark Grey) the more colors you have the higher the base price.
  • I set the sales target to more than 400 actually but in the above image for you as a newbie should select less.
  • I set my price per tee at $20.00
  • My base costs were $12.15 per tee.


Setting your T-shirt Price

Under this tab you can set your T-shirt price for your campaign, more shirts you sell more profit you get. They already declared their base cost for shirts suppose the base cost of each shirt is 9$ so you have to price your shirt accordingly keeping in mind about the profit and complete justice with the design price, suppose you price your design 19$ on each shirt then after subtracting the base cost you are left with 10$ so your profit on each sale would be 10$, if you make 200 sales and crosses your goal then your profit will come out as 200 x $10 = $2000. The minimum amount of shirts you can sell for you goal is 3, but the higher you set your goal the more money you are paid per sale.

Add Title and Description

This is so important to name your campaign and describe about your TEE, tell people the cause behind it and why they should buy it. And remember to use the best attractive title and description to drive more sales to your apparel quickly.

Here is the actual description I added just for you to understand how the description look like for a sales page (feel free to copy it);

Good, Bad, Hot Mess Tee!

** Limited Edition Print  – Not sold ANYWHERE else! **

Spread the message of Grace when you rock “Jesus Loves The Good, The Bad, The Hot Mess” Tee!
Available in Women’s & Unisex Teespring Premium Tee (true to size!), Bella  V-neck and Flowy Long Sleeve.
Only available for 7 days! Select your style, color and click the GREEN button to order!

Set Teespring Campaign Length

You can set your campaign length and select the number of days in which you will complete your goal of Shirts. You can select any number 3 days, 5 days, 6 days, 10 days, 13 days and 20 Days from there.

Set Teepspring Campaign URL

You should copy paste the title of your campaign as it is in this, if you make your title your campaign URL then there will be more chances to you to get traffic from google and search engines to your campaign which will lead to more sales eventually.

Sharing and Promotion of your Teespring Campaign

Now the final part comes and the most important one is sharing. This one is to be done correctly, your sales depends on the traffic comes to your site if you get more traffic you get more sales so share your campaign to more people if possible. And also try to target niche specific audience, how can you do this? will let you know in this blog.

Getting Traffic to Teespring Campaign

As i told you earlier about targeted traffic it doesn’t mean if you share your campaign to your facebook timeline and expect sales on it. If you expect sales by doing this then you are wrong. Because you need your campaign to be seen by those people who have interest in your product. Like in my case i created good bad hot mess tee which suits girls of specific type so i did it in different way, so in this segment i’m going to teach you how to build your own niche specific and targeted audience for your own teespring campaign.

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Facebook Ads

In this our strategy involves the use Facebook Page for building our targeted audience and marketing of page and post using Facebook Ads in such a way that allows us to be profitable.

You can Create a new facebook page for your teespring campaign. You can give a name to your page which should resembles to your niche like if you are creating a tshirt campaign for fishing niche then you can name you page as “Fishing Enthusiasts” or “Fishing Lovers” so and so, hope you are getting me.. For the promotion of your page and posts, you can go to Facebook Advert Manager and signup over there. Select your Facebook page for which you want to do Advertise. Then get started.

You can create your custom audience selecting countries, location, gender, age etc. This feature of facebook makes your ads more targeting.

So how do i target niche specific Audience?

We are going to play by the guidelines and use what Facebook are putting forth.
In my campaign below, you can see the advertisement I used to drive 2,089 sales on teespring campaign which brought about $26,000+ benefit! Open below three facebook ad campaign of my teespring in carousel view by clicking on them.

Why My Facebook Ad Worked for me?

The Ad did so good because of some reasons mentioned below:

  • Over 12,000 Likes, 809 comments and 3000 shares. That is mind blowing results and engagement, I believe it
    helped to keep my CPC down.
  • The targeting looks at USA & UK citizens only aged till 50.
  •  This single Facebook Ad bring me 1,65,857 of post engagement and total people reach of 12,58,784!
  • Use PPE ( Page Post Engagement Ads ) easy and simple!

My Targeting

For the “Good, Bad, Hot Mess Tee” campaign, my target audience were male and female adults, aged between 20 to 50, who loves funny and funky Tshirts. Imaging if you are one of the person who also love funny and funky tshirt designs and this kind of ads is being served to you by facebook on your news feed isn’t that amazing you would like to buy it, so similarly this thing happens to other people and they buy stuffs through Facebook ads like this and same happened with my facebook ad.

My Facebook Ad Spend

The sum you pay per Click or pay per Impression as in my case is super imperative with regards to a triumphant or a losing effort. In the event that you don’t track. Your costs they can rapidly flee with you and you could get stung. The vast majority will endeavor to set a truly low CPC esteem supposing they are being savvy. The inconvenience is, Facebook is more quick witted. Take a gander at it along these lines;

Facebook need to profit. On the off chance that you are getting a decent CTR on your advertisements you are prone to profit and will keep your promotions going. This implies Facebook profit, you are profiting, everybody is glad.

So this is what I did.

I set the daily promotion spend to $10 and I was paying for site engagement/clicks. That is real clicks on my TeeSpring Campaign URL. You can adopt a trick to run your facebook ad for couple of days for a fixed small budget for just to test how it goes and performing. I was hitting engagement of 26,617 as you can see in the image below. You can compare your ad spent with the profit of sales and calculate the profit or return on investment of facebook ads.

Ad Results and Costs

The below image you can see is the screenshot of my Facebook Ad manager dashboard which clearly shows the cost of driving traffic to each of my good bad hot mess ad sets. You can zoom this image if something is not clear for you.

facebook ad spend good bad hot mess

I have invested and spent a total of $5,442,27 on this one ad okay and its showing i have total of 1,404 checkouts, actually its more than that i show you the analytics to my Teespring campaign and that have clearly have 2089 orders and i made a profit of $26,424 so that is an ROI= 385% i wanted to show you this ad to let you see that what good targeting can do for your campaigns and target reach all the audience for this product. In this checkout cost me $3.18 on 318 total checkouts just on this one ad set and i have three running ad sets.

#Note : It is important to reach the sales goal in order to get money in your account from Teespring. You can also reduce the goal  so you do hit a target and make some money, at least to cover your a spent money.

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My Payouts

After successful run and end of Campaign you can collect your payments and Teespring pays via Paypal right after your campaign ends and shirts are printed. I always received my payments within a day or two of my campaign ending. If you don’t have a paypal account then create one and link your bank details to receive your funds.

payout request for teespring tee income

Above Image is of my payment request to Teespring to send my payment of $26,424.96 into my PayPal account.

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Final Conclusion

1. Focus on keeping things simple
2. Use websites like ,,,, etc to see successful teespring campaign examples.
3. Keep your T-shirt Goal and Sale price reasonable.

I will appreciate if you are also planning to start with Teespring? I really would love to hear your results.


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