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Drop Shipping: Finding Wholesale Companies and Dropship Suppliers

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How to spot Fake drop shipping Wholesalers?

Depending upon your search query there are huge chances of yours to land to a large number of fake suppliers and wholesalers. You can spot a supplier pretending to be a wholesaler if they have below agreements:

Membership fees – Real wholesalers don’t charge monthly fees. It’s important to differentiate between suppliers and directories. Directories (like Doba) are simply a list of wholesale suppliers, and they often do charge one-time or ongoing fees.

Sold to the public – Usually to get genuine wholesale pricing you’ll need to apply for a wholesale account, prove you’re a legitimage business and be approved before placing your first order.

Want ongoing fees – Genuine wholesalers don’t charge their clients a month to month expense for the benefit of working together and requesting from them. On the off chance that a provider requests a month to month enrollment or service charge, it’s probable not a legitimate one.

It’s critical to separate here amongst suppliers and supplier directories. supplier directories (which we’ll talk about later) are direcories of wholesale suppliers composed by item types or market and screened to guarantee the suppliers are legitimate. Usually directories will charge some fees – it is possible that one time or continuous – so you shouldn’t take this as a sign the directory itself is ill-conceived.

Pre-Order fees – Huge number of dropshippers will charge preorder drop shipping fees that can go from $3 – $6 or more additional, contingent upon the size and unpredictability of the things being sent. This is standard in the business, as the cost of packing and shipping the individual orders or items are much higher than delivery a mass request.

Minimum order size – A few wholesalers will have a base introductory request estimate, which is the most minimal sum you need to buy for your first request. They do this keeping in mind the end goal to sift through window-shopping shippers that will squander their time with inquiries and little requests however won’t convert into important business.

In case you’re drop shipping, this could bring about a few intricacies. For instance, what do you do if a wholesaler has a $800 least request, yet your normal request size is around $200? You would prefer not to pre-arrange $800 of item only for the benefit of opening a drop shipping account.

In this circumstance, it’s best to offer to pre-pay the provider $800 to fabricate a credit with them to apply against your drop shipping orders. This permits you to meet the wholesaler’s base buy necessity (as you’re resolving to purchase in any event $800 in item) without placing a solitary expansive order with no relating client orders.

Techniques to find legitimate drop shipping companies/suppliers/wholesalers?

There are various approaches to discover dropship companies and wholesalers:

Wholesalers and suppliers Directory:

You may find a ton of drop shipping directories and catalogs on the web, a significant number of them are very poor and don’t provide good value. Although there exist few legitimate directories, what i suggest is SaleHoo :Dropshipping Wholesalers Directory (aff link). This is directory which offer you the accessibility to database of a 8000+ verified drop shipping companies.

Directly Contact Manufacturer:

If you have picked the item/product that  you are going to sell, then the manufacturer you contact plays important role to point the authorized distributors who may also be willing to drop ship for you.

Search Drop shippers on Google:

When searching drop shippers in Google, always make an intense and deep search. Wholesalers drop shipping companies are not good at advertising and marketing so its painful to find them easily specially on web and you’ll likely need to through more than 10 pages with irrelevant content with a lot of spam before you come across a legitimate website of a wholesaler or a drop shipper.

Internet is full of free drop shipping wholesalers but 99% of which are fake and make fool of people and takes money and never come back so you need to stay vigilant.

The most repetitive question asked by the eCommerce businesses is: Should i pay for wholesalers directory? 

salehoo wholesale directory review teeincome

SaleHoo – The Best Directory to get Wholesaler Companies and Dropship Suppliers

Why you need wholesale directory?

  • 8000+ Verified Dropshippers and Suppliers (Wholesalers)
  • Competitive Annual Membership Price – $67
  • World Wide Spread Suppliers Globally
  • Serving since year 2005

SaleHoo wholesaler and suppliers directory is having more than 8000+ verified wholesalers, suppliers and dropshippers, and all time ready to serve extensively to their merchants either on eBay, Amazon or personal shopping store.

We’ve  utilized SaleHoo and its services to source items, its $67 yearly cost is a standout amongst the most convincing qualities among suppliers directories and incorporates a 60-day money back guarantee. In case you’re happy with paying a yearly membership or you are going to utilize the directory temporarily – SaleHoo worth to have a look click here: SaleHoo

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How to Contact a Dropship Supplier?

how to contact dropshipper,wholesaler, supplier

Okay, so you’ve found various suppliers and are prepared go ahead – incredible! Be that as it may, before you begin contacting suppliers, organize your tasks and schedule so that you are ready for the next step.

Stay Legitimate and Legal – As we specified before, most true and legitimate suppliers will require proof that you’re a legal or experienced business before permitting you to apply for a B2B membership. Majority of wholesalers just uncover their pricing table to approved clients, so you should be legitimately fused before you’ll get the chance to see the sort of evaluating you’ll get.

Primary concern? Ensure you’re lawfully consolidated before reaching suppliers! In case you’re just hoping to ask a couple of fundamental inquiries (Do you dropship?, Do you have this or that brand?), Don’t need to give any documentation. However, don’t hope to dispatch without having your business legitimately set up. We’ll speak more about setting up your business in our next blog post, so bookmark and must subscribe our newsletter.

How to Present Yourself – Suppliers are consistently bombarded by individuals with “awesome strategies of businesses” who spice them with inquiries, consume a lot of their time and after that they never come back. So in case you’re starting new business, know that numerous providers wouldn’t make a special effort to help you begin.

Many of the wholesalers will be glad to set you up with a drop shipping account in the event that they offer it. In any case, don’t request rebate or invest hours tying up their business agents on the telephone before you’ve made a solitary deal. It will rapidly procure you a terrible notoriety and hurt your association with your supplier.

In case you have to make some sort of request (like attempting to convince wolesaler to dropship in conditions they usually don’t agree upon), you need to create confidence in them for yourself. Be complete about your strategies for success (like we’re propelling this site on 13th February) rather than creating uncertainty  (like May be i start a business soon). Furthermore, make certain to convey any expert victories you’ve had in the past – particularly with deals and promoting – that will help you with your new pursuit.

You have to persuade providers that the bother of pleasing your unique request(s) will pay off not far off when you get to be distinctly effective and begin presenting to them a huge amount of business.

Try Not to Be Introvert to Phone – One of the greatest feelings of dread individuals have with regards to wholesalers is basically to make the phone call and deciding. For some, this is an incapacitating prospect. You may have the capacity to send messages for a few issues, however as a rule you’ll have to get the phone call to get the data you require.

The uplifting fact is that it’s not as frightening as you may think. Wholesalers are usual to having individuals call them, including beginner business people. You’re probably going to get somebody who’s cordial and glad to answer your inquiries. Follow this tip that i follow, just work out your inquiries early. It’s astonishing how much simpler it is to decide when you have a rundown of pre-composed inquiries to ask.

[Infographic] : Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

How to Find Good Dropshipper/Suppliers?

find dropship suppliers

Like most things in life, dropshippers are not all made similarly. In the realm of dropshipping – where the dropshipper is such an important entity of fulfillment of orders – it’s significantly more vital to ensure you’re working with the best company out there.

If your dropshipper has following features then its a good sign:-

  1. Expert and Industry Focused Staff
  2. Dedicated Support Representatives
  3. Invested in Technology
  4. Accepting Orders by Email
  5. Centralized Comapny
  6. Efficient & Organized

Always try to find answers of below questions after getting started with your supplier:-

  • How they handle your order request?
  • How rapidly the the products send out ?
  • How quickly they catch up with order tracking and invoices?
  • Quality of product packaging and condition when it is dispatched?


What are Options for Paying Suppliers?

The majority of drop shipping business suppliers accepts payments through below given ways:

several ways of payments

Credit Card

When you are beginning, majority of suppliers would require you to pay with credit card. Once you’ve set up a flourishing business, paying with the credit cards is mere the best option out there. They’re not just helpful (no compelling reason to compose checks consistently), yet you can pile on a lot of prizes. Since you’re purchasing an item for a client who has effectively paid for it on your site, you can pile on a high volume of buys through your credit card without incurring any real out-of-pocket costs.

Net Terms

The other approach to pay the drop shipping business suppliers is through ‘net terms’ on receipt. This just implies you have a specific number of days to pay the provider for the products you’ve purchased. So in case you’re on “net 30” terms, you have 30 days from the date of procurement to pay your provider – with cheque or bank draw – for the products you purchased.

For the most part, the wholesale supplier will make you give credit references before offering net payment terms as it’s successfully loaning you cash. This is a typical practice, so don’t be frightened in the event that you need to give some documentation when paying on net terms.

Our next article will be on “How to Pick Best Products for Dropship?” where we are going to fully explain drop shipping business ideas for products to sell on ebay,amazon or personal store so stay in touch and don’t forget to subscribe us!

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