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How to Find Hot Trends and Niche Market Research for Teespring Campaign ?

Now we are going to discuss how to find hot trends and niche markets that can bring profit from your Teespring Campaign. Niche Market Research for Teespring Campaign without further ado, go to , I just want to show you, TeeSpring and this is the site we are going to do a lot of our work from.

But Before we actually can get a design on there we need to know what niche market we’re to be going after, so I want to show you a couple of sources for this. The first site is and now this is a Veterans Day weekend coming up so you’ll notice that’s a big holiday coming up so a lot of apparel related to veterans supporting our veterans, thanking them for their service. Those kind of shirts maybe saying “ I’m married to one” or “Am the proud daughter of a US veteran”. Whatever the case might be those kinds of shirts would do very well this time of year so capitalizing on trends is a great way to go and in one website here is and you can actually go here to T‐shirts and clothing and this is going to help you come up with some ideas for shirt designs that you can use. Now it’s not saying you want to just come in here and straight up copy these designs, although a lot of these they’re not copyrighted designs So they’re designs you could run with and what you want to do here is go on in here find T‐shirts.

cafepress best alternative of teespring

Let’s go here to men’s T shirts or we could go to the women’s T shirt as well ‐ ‐ so let’s just click on that and let’s find, you know, some possible designs that we could work with. So here’s a shirt that is, you know ,kind of about bowling so you could maybe come up with a design similar to this. If you know people are interested in bowling Cafe press have a lot of different niche ideas for you to capitalize on so there’s popular topics as well that Cafe press shows up that’s Thanks giving, Military, Soccer, which is a big sport, Animals if we were to click on animal.

For example, animal shirts we could find some different types of animals that people have shirts created about so we could go through here and look up you know, like, here’s one the honey badger , that’s you know , a pretty viral YouTube video out there about a honey badger and so people have created a shirt based on this theory. So go to Cafe press and just looking around on the left hand side under popular you know
related animal designs or under popular at different types of designs you can locate some hot trends. So I’m going to click on dogs here and here are some cool shirt ideas: “ Keep calm and adopt dogs “ and that’s a design that you could actually run with and you could actually turnaround and create a design similar to that one. You know like “keep calm and adopt dogs” and you know, a shirt similar to that, so Cafe
press is a really good resource for you because you can find T shirts ‐ you can find trending topics and so again, you’re just go to go to the T‐shirts section and then look under their popular topics ,and so we will click on the Military one here to get an idea also and you will see it’s a military shirts” keep calm and stay strong”, “Proud Army wife”,” Proud Army dad” “Proud Navy grandma” ,so these are all sure ideas that you could actually come up with your own spin on them. You could take these designs and get them over to an outsourcer and create shirts based on that.

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Now this is less about the design aspect and more about finding shirt topics and trends that you could capitalize on and that’s where a site like CafePress is very valuable to you because it’ll tell you on the left inside ,different ideas for shirt designs that are doing extremely well
right now and basically, if you just go to the T shirts section, left inside again, ‐ It’s going to be popular topics and you can find popular shirt designs that way using that method. Political that’s another big topic all the time political shirts are always something that does extremely well you know politics both ways. People are very you know very passionate about their politics so politics does well, Sports teams, those types of topics do extremely well when it comes to shirts as well. is another website very similar in regards to CafePress where people can create designs and do niche market research for teespring campaign so if you go up here to Zazzle, click on shop and then what we’re going to do is go on down to let’s say clothing right there and what we’re going to do from there is go to T‐shirts and we’ll find some different shirt ideas. So here is some you know, this one was related to frozen which was a hot movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , now these are designs that you couldn’t necessarily, you know, rip off because Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that is a design that is obviously trademarked with Nickelodeon just like the Disney designs and those types of things you want to be careful there about getting ideas you know and pulling them straight from there.

zazzle teespring niche research site

So obviously you can’t use those logos but you can get some rough ideas, you know ,right around that area so, let’s see, if you scroll on down here. These are some different shirts: I left my heart in … and then there’s the state of Montana, or I left my heart in…….. and then you could put in and personalize this kind of shirt here as well. So you can see here that you could go after people that live in a certain area. People that live in like Montana or people that live in you know Chicago or people live in Delaware, Wisconsin . State shirts do very very well and Zazzle, these are some pretty basic designs here very very basic designs so you could create a design that’s even better than this one but you can get an idea though Just by going to zazzle and looking at their screen printed style designs.

One other kind of design that does well, Everything from light guns, different things that people are involved with; hobbies do extremely well with shirts people that are into bowling people are into gaming people that are into board games , the people that have certain faiths, like Jewish or Christianity or people that are into music or records. Runners, this one is a big big niche market people love to have shirts about running and so you could go over here to Google and type in the phrase like running shirts or running T-shirts you know, running T‐shirts into Google. So I’m just going to come right on over here to Google and I’m going to type in running shirts, so we’ll do that running, let’s say, running T‐shirts, and look what pops up here, its Zazzle, and that will give you some additional designs related to running and these are all shirts with run in them: run like there is a hot guy in front of you, so there are just all kinds of shirts that you could play with that you could come up with a different design for.

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So these are just some ideas those going out there finding hot things, you know, any kind of thing that people do, activities, sport. We could go over here to and get some really good ideas as to what kinds of things people are interested in over on Amazon and so I’m a gonna go over here to Amazon will go to departments and I’m going to choose sports and outdoors, and then I’m going to scroll on down here to different types of products we’ve got all kinds of things that people are involved with, exercise and fitness, hunting and fishing and so right there we know, okay, hunting and fishing obviously that’s a huge niche market so I could find, you know, products and shirts related to hunting. And fishing and any kind of category like that within Amazon’s can be a big one, especially like sports and outdoors, There’s golf, shirts, boating and water sports, exercise, fitness, these are just some ideas of sports that people are involved with. Look at sports in your local community, there are additional categories here to look at, paintball and Air soft, paintballs are a big niche markets. You could create funny shirts related to paintball as another example.

amazon teespring niche research site

Holidays do very very well shirts relating to holidays, Veterans Day’s coming up another one that you know Thanksgiving obviously does well, other holidays also do well like black Friday it’s a big deal for some people to go out shopping early. There are some additional mainstream holidays Valentine’s Day type shirts do extremely well.

Also a St. Patrick’s Day shirts do well and you can also go to lookup trending topics that are going on Google and we could, for example, look up like what kind of trends are happening within animals. For example to get some ideas of trends that people
are interested in right now it looks like the dog reign supreme. So maybe that would tell you hey, let’s do some shirts about dogs, for example, this is just to give you some rough ideas as we go around so Google trends, Cafepress Zazzle, those are also great ideas.

google images teespring niche market research

Another place to get some ideas is to go out to Google image search and type in the phrase motivational quotes motivational quotes on Tshirts is another type thing ‐ that you see sell a lot of so here’s one that would do well on a shirt, stop wishing start doing obviously you
don’t want to just copy that straight logo, but that phrase itself that’s not copyrighted so you could actually go in and create your own design based on this particular phrase.

Top movie quotes, movie quotes do really well especially funny ones from older movies that been around a while those types of quotes would do extremely well. Also motivational quote you could just do a Google search and come across a whole bunch of motivational quotes on. For example like brainy quote that you could take and maybe put some of these, you know, onto a T‐shirt and that could be another design idea.

So this hopefully will give you some ideas going out for sports types things are those do really well you go to local news sites look at your local news. What kind of topics in your area are hot topics look at your newspaper. The cover view newspaper look at the News Stands where you’re located see what’s going on in the world around you. Current events are a big thing. Watch the news for a few days and you’re going to find all kinds of information. Look at the sites like offer sports information for news. You could look at, lots of trending news topics that are going on as well. And so, if we go here to we’ll find some additional information. Additional new sources as well.

So there’s all kinds of, you know, places where you can go to find trends and find niches just a matter of going out there and really kind of narrowing down designs that you want to find. Another idea for you know, getting some ideas on Tee spring is to go here to Google and do a
site search on as on search bar like ” site: Tee so that site: Tee and what you’re going to see here is 331, 000 results and Tee spring does a good job of optimizing things and so what we’ve got here are some different sure ideas other people have created so this one was based on the, you know, the frozen I let it go theme.

This is a design there and again this probably is one of the better ways to do it. So you could do a site search: Tee spring and let’s say you’re into running so could just do the phrase running and probably come up with run, type shirts, so here’s some: I run I’m slower than a heard of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run and so you know this kind of a catchy funny shirt that maybe you could run with, no pun intended. So if the niche you’re going after that say is bowling, so do site search site: Tee and then the word bowling so this can bring up bowling shirts “I Bowl” you knows all kinds of things that people could you know could run with so bowling you could go to another category golf for example site: and then search “golf” in the top search bar.

teespring bowlers unite store

The next thing you can do is you know then you can ask you see how these campaigns performed this one actually is sold 131 shirts and it’s all about disc golf so you could actually take a design like this and run with it if you had a niche you know disc golf was something that you could do that people are passionate about. You could actually you do facebook ads for people that are into disc golf and so just by doing this method site: Tee typing in the niche are interested in, I’ve narrowed down all kinds of ideas that you could do.

People are passionate about their gun rights and about guns and so you can click on this Can’t ban my guns and pointing over to your arms. There’s another little play on words as well let’s see, kind of like the theme of Coca Cola there, let’s see, no guns, ‐ no freedom ,so you can get some ideas though, Just by typing in certain ideas you know based on ,let’s say sports teams that say the Seahawks. For example, these are all like Seahawks T‐shirts for the Seattle Seahawks and you can get some really good ideas though again site: and then you can type in niche ideas to come up with shirts that would go with it.

Professions also do well, wanted to point that out so people that nurses for example, this nurse loves the Patriots that would be one that is focused on people that are into you know a nurse that happens like the New England Patriots for example. Cute enough to stop your heart skilled enough to restart it that the design that’s been going around for a while let’s see, and so you can get some great ideas by just doing this so this Ebook here should get you more than enough options to get the ball rolling. Look at Amazon look at the products that are selling the different categories then go to the site search on Google site: and then you can type in whatever niche are going after and you stumble across all kinds of profitable potential niche markets that you could pursue.

So then it’s just the matter of just choosing one: whether it’s political ,whether it’s about sports, whether it’s a motivational phrase, and then setting up and designing your campaign around that shirt.


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