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How to Create Your T-Shirt Design for Teespring Campaign for Sales ?

I this blog post, I’am going to demonstrate for you how to create a T shirt ‐ design using the Teespring designer, at this point, you should’ve learned in my previous blog post where you learned about ways for you to capitalize on hot trends, where we discovered some niches and also went into the Teespring site to find websites related to all kinds of different kinds of topics.

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So what you want to do is again go to because that’s where we are going to go to launch our campaign. Now for this example, I found a shirt where it had a design that I could actually duplicate for many different niche markets, and this one is a really cool design and so I decided to actually replicate this idea using a different niche market and in the niche of fishing. So what I’ve done here is I am going to launch a campaign right up here in the top navigation bar. so go to launch a campaign, first thing you do it’s super simple, so for this one it’s just a text based design and that’s what most of these designs end up being on Teespring so it makes it super easy and I am gonna show you all the options, so this particular design we’re gonna go to phrase “I love” because it’s gonna be about I love my wife, and also can have kind of a funny phrase in there as well. There is futuristic designs so there’s some cool different futuristic designs that you could choose from, all kinds of different text, the old‐fashioned fonts, the there’s some pretty neat ones there then we could go on down here too.

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Let’s go with the grunge look so basically there are just so many possibilities here, were to go to the hand written though and I’m gonna choose sketch Rockwell for this particular one because it does look good that way. So I am going go up here and position this logo, so I love and then the next thing we are going type is my wife and we will take that using the same sketch Rockwell font and we come right over here size that up just a little bit, the next thing that we want to do is add in a small phrase so I want to say let me go over here. I love it when, so I love it when and that one is going to right below here and we want this one to be a different font to kind of stands out so I’m gonna choose a kind of a cursive more basic font here and so let’s go here to this fall font called watermark, but I don’t really like the look of that one so I am going to go to a different one, and let’s go here to Angelica and that one looks pretty sharp, actually, that looks, really good so let’s make that stand out as a different color.So let’s come over here make this a red color so it really jumps out and some a jump over here and pick my color so make that a red kind of bold it up, so I love it when, we make it a little bit smaller and next thing were are going to type in the last part… let me fish and then we are going to choose our color again, so we’ll go back to the same red color come down here make that stand out just a little bit like the other one does and we’ll add a period at the end gonna make the full sentence. There, so again it just as simple as dragging and dropping notice as I position these things as soon as I grab the font and I want to move it around you’ll notice this blue line comes out and that’s how you center the design and you know where the designs could be centered on your shirt.

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The next thing you’ll do here is if you’re stretching this out more. It’s you know it’s going to basically show you that your to be outside of the printable area so this is the printable area here. So you need to be careful that you stay within those boundaries, and within those lines. So next thing we are going to do is, take a look at how that design is coming together looks really, really sharp and so notice here. It’s kind of a play on words there. You know you get with this T shirt. It’s said I love my wife but then when you read between ‐ the lines, it says I love it when my wife lets me fish, fun design, tongue‐in‐cheek type design and let’s say that we want to add a picture just to kind enhance this. So to go here to where it says search for art and I’m going to type in fishing because that’s what this shirt is about so there’s quite a few different designs that we could pick from here. So here’s one it’s a man fishing and if I were to grab up here by the arrow he’s got a fishing pole there looks like and we could throw that image right down there just kind of add something to it, but actually I don’t necessarily like this one so I am going to hit the delete button and go back here search for art and working to try this one out here some escrow on down and working to make it a little bit smaller so just kind of flows with the design here and doesn’t overtake it and I’m in a position that trying get centered there as much as possible. There is much as possible when that blue line comes up we’re centered okay so that looks pretty sharp there and there it is.

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So now you’ve got the phrase “I love it when my wife lets me fish” and then there’s picture of a guy out there fishing and to kind of fun looking design super, simple to do. It was just a matter pointing and clicking on your mouse. So now we’ve got this ready to go it’s time to choose what kind of T shirts we would like to go with and so we will, ‐ what we’re going to do here is actually pick a different set of T‐shirts that we would like to set up so what we’re going to do is find our shirt. The shirt designs we’re to go with basic tees, we could go with a long sleeve tees, we can go a tank tops but we’re going to stick with the basic Tee here, and couple things to keep in mind, you could go with a budget friendly shirt which you notice that’s going to make your Cost go down so your basic cost would be $8.20 for this particular design, as you add more colors to your design it’s going to end up driving your cost up but you have to be careful about having too many colors and too many different things like that will drive the cost up so usually 1 to 2 colors is usually a good rule of thumb, and a good way to go.

So I’m going to go ahead and choose the let’s go here to premium rings spung T‐shirt. This canvas ring spun T his is a really good premium material as well and that’s, that’s creates a really nice shirt. You can see what it does to your profit margins so if you want to stick with more the budget T‐shirts you could certainly do that as well. You could certainly stick with that.

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But if you wanted some different color options like Brown, I think Brown looks really good for this one this navy blue looks good, that charcoal color, that light blue and the white all look really good, really nice looking designs.

So let’s see here and the green also look sharp. Let’s go ahead and just choose next steps you can see here as you go through. You can see all your shirts going to look amongst these different colors so you can kind of pick your color as you go along, so go ahead and do the same with your design and then go on to the next phase which is going to explain how to take this shirt and ask you get it posted and live on the Teespring will go through that those steps in the next phase.


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